Train The Trainer

imagesStaff Training is essential but can be a challenge due to staffing and time constraints. One strategy to consider is to identify someone on staff who can be trained to be the trainer. Essential Qualities the Trainer Must Have lnclude

  1. Clinical skills and knowledge
  2. Patience
  3. The ability to alter one's teaching strategy to meet the trainee's learning style
  4. Good communication and listening skills
  5. A thirst for knowledge
  6. A desire to mentor and help others

How To Make it Happen

lt would defeat the purpose of having a trainer if the trainer does not have proper skills themselves and many technicians are informally trained on the job and may not have been taught the skills correctly themselves.

It is best to bring in an outside person such as a formal trainer or consultant to train the trainer. The ensures the trainer learns the clinical procedures correctly. A formal trainer or consultant can also help the trainer learn teaching strategies (train them how to train).

An lnvestment that Pays Off

By investing in one or two key staff members and teaching them how to train, the ophthalmology practice can develop a perpetual in-house training program which will elevate all staff members in competence and confidence.