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What makes your services different from other consultants? +

We use a three-fold approach. Firstly, we strive to give the practice a quick return on their investment by realizing an immediate increase in staff productivity and competence. Secondly, we train with the mindset of acting as coaches and mentors. We get to know each trainee and tailor our approach to their learning style. Our goal is to develop each technician to their personal best. Finally, we remain available to our technicians and managers following our in office training for questions and follow up help at no additional charge.

On average, how long do you spend with a practice? Most clients engage us for five days. This is because at five days, they get our best daily rate and because new hire training is one of our most popular services and it is a five day program. However, we are sometimes engaged for as little as one day or as long as two weeks. We satisfy our client's training needs and budgets.

How do you work? +

Even before the training, we listen to our clients to learn their 'pain points' and then formulate a plan to address them. We have structured training modules, however they are all customized for each client's needs. We remain flexible once we are on site when the client finds a new issue they would like addressed and then work to meet that need on the fly. We have many tools we bring with us including tonometry model eyes, hand outs and have reference tools available for your staff.

What problems do you typically try to solve? +

Because each practice is unique, they run the gambit; however, our most popular services include addressing customer service and morale issues, new hire training, technician skills assessments and we do hands on training in nearly every clinical skill including manual and EPIC refracting training.

What skills do you train? +

We can help your staff with EPIC Refracting, Retinoscopy (plus cyl), Lensometry, Keratomy, OCT, IOL Master/Lenstar, Fundus Photography, Goldmann Applanation Tonometry, Humphrey Visual Field Testing, New Hire Training... and more! Go to our 'Get a Quote' page for a full listing of our services.

So you spend a week with us. How do we ensure that your recommendations stick? +

We continue to be available to you and your staff following the training via Skype, phone or email for ongoing questions and help. We will even Facetime with a technician who is struggling with a skill, for instance the Jackson Cross Cylinder to help them. There is never any charge for this follow up.

Can we customize the training you do for us? +

Yes. Every practice is different and as such have unique needs. Just let us know the specific points you wish us to emphasize and we will customize the training for you.

We cannot find experienced technicians and are very short staffed! Can you help? +

Yes! We have a new hire “boot camp” which will get your new techs working up patients within 4 days. On days 4 & 5 they are doing complete work ups on actual patients including refractions and Goldmann tonometry. You will realize a quick return on your investment and get staffing relief quickly.

Do you offer discounts? +

Yes. We offer discounted rates when you choose more consecutive days for training.

Okay, I'm interested. Where can I request a quote? +

You can request a no-obligation quote here: