Managing Test Anxiety


Test anxiety

I don't consider test anxiety a bad thing.  It means you care about doing well on your exam which is a good thing! The trick is to harness and manage this anxiety for your benefit.

Yes, it's important to study, cram, memorize.  But it's equally important to manage test anxiety so you can retrieve that critical information. Some methods for managing test anxiety which have worked for me include

  • Exercise
  • Nurturing oneself (mani, pedi, etc)
  • Recreational TV watching and reading (not text books)
  • Meditation
  • Getting quality sleep   
  • Preparation (studying appropriate test prep material)

Choosing Test Prep Material

People learn differently, so a method that works for your friend or colleague may not work for you. Perhaps you prefer using flash cards or online courses. Perhaps you prefer studying alone or maybe in a study group. Be open to trying new methods of learning. Prepare by using whatever method works for you.  

Know when to say when.  If you're studying and feel like you can't put one more thing into your head without something else falling out, close the books and walk away. 

In a Nutshell 

It's not a matter of not having butterflies, it's a matter of getting the butterflies to fly in formation.