How To Be A Better Tech

In order to become a better Ophthalmic Technician

 One must be

  1. Interested in what you're doing.... have passion!

  2. Willing to hear the truth about ones skill level and be objective about oneself.

  3. Willing to practice and reach outside ones comfort zone. 

To become great at anything, you must either:

  • Be born with innate talent
  • Develop proficiency in a teachable ability

Musical ability is sometimes thought of as an 'innate talent'. Ophthalmic Medical Assisting is not thought of this way, rather one develops ability as an Ophthalmic Tech through learning and targeted practice.

The Key Ingredient

Deliberate practice is aimed at improving specific aspects of the skill. Deliberate practice is very different from what many of us think of as 'practice', which is when we aim for vague, overall improvement. 

Deliberate practice requires feedback from someone who understands what adjustments need to be made to make you better at that skill; someone who already is proficient who then 'coaches' or teaches you how to develop those skills. 

Studies have shown that on average it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become highly proficient in any given skill.  10,000 hours is approximately five years of full time work in your clinic.

Push Yourself To Success!

You must reach outside your comfort zone as you practice in order to develop proficiency.  It's much like aerobic training. If you jog so that your heart rate is only slightly above your usual heart rate, you won't develop aerobic fitness. You must push yourself beyond that which is "comfortable" in order to develop aerobic fitness. 

Make a point to reach outside your comfort zone every day to learn skills and to become better at those skills you already have. Success is within your reach. Go and get it!