You Can't Always Get What You Want

Today's patient is a more savvy consumer than years past. They are more informed and more demanding of a satisfactory encounter. As care providers, we are invested in this.  A satisfied patient is more likely to continue their relationship with our practice. This can be both good AND bad. images (1)

Patients who are proactively engaged in their care are more likely to be compliant with treatment. However, problems can arise when these patients demand treatments or medications that are not in their best interest.  The patient who visits their doctor for a cold and leaves with a prescription for an antibiotic may be satisfied but they did not get optimal medical care.

Trust sets a foundation for good patient/physician relationships. hen it is absent, patient care can be compromised.Patients who attempt to dictate their care do not trust their doctor's judgement.

Giving the patient what they NEED and not just what they WANT may be "just what the doctor ordered".