Efficiency Tips for Ophthalmic Technicians

download (1)I know.... I know... you're sick of hearing about the need for increased efficiency.  But keep reading. 'Efficiency' is not a four letter word.  Efficiency makes your work EASIER. Yep - you heard me right. When you work efficiently you're working smarter not harder. I was at the McDonald's drive through the other day. I got an unsweetened iced tea (I do love some Mickey D's iced tea). I asked the lady at the drive through for Splenda then I watched while she walked all the way over to the far side of the counter where the ice cream machine was to get Splenda.  Now, I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person who ever asked for Splenda at the drive through but why didn't anyone think to stock the drive through window with Splenda? Putting Splenda at the drive through window is more efficient... and creates less work for employees,

1. Keep your exam lane stocked. Having to retrieve items all day long is a real drag and makes you work harder.

2. Keep the following in your pocket:  *  Post it notes and pens  You can never have too many post it notes available   * A retractable measuring tape if you do refractions, measure convergence or accommodation. * a pupil gauge  *  a pen light  * a copy of the days' schedule  to keep you in the loop

3. Do away with the "Box 'o Bulbs" so many of us have in our office.  You know that box: it has bulbs, batteries and fuses in it. You never can find what you need, it's easy to take the last one and not know it and it's difficult to know what you need to re-order.  Here's how: Buy a bulb, battery and fuse for every instrument you have that needs one. Tape it (in its box or wrapper so you have the reorder number) to the instrument out of sight of the patient (such as underneath the slit lamp table or on the side of the projector that's toward the wall). When your bulb burns out, you'll have a bulb at your fingertips. When you take the new  bulb leave the box taped to the instrument. Once a month walk through the office and look for empty bulb, battery and fuse boxes. Remove them, noting on the empty box which room and equipment it goes to. Reorder from the product numbers on the package and re-tape each bulb to its instrument when the new bulb comes in. No paperwork - no muss, no fuss!

4. How to politely cut short a 'talker'.  "Mrs. Jones,  the doctor is probably wondering where you are. Let's get you finished up so we can get you in to see the doctor."

Can you think of some other efficiency tips? If so, share below in 'comments'.

Happy Tech-ing!