Change is a-comin'!

imagesThe only constant in life is change.  Autumn is upon us; leaves are changing and the weather is cooler. Great things lie ahead; however, in order for us to experience those great things, change must happen.  Today is the official beginning of ICD-10 coding. Most - if not all of us have dreaded this for a few years now. This new coding system is a mandate by the World Health Organization and the US is the last country to make the transition to it.  Hopefully you've had a good amount of training in this new coding system and have tools at your disposal to help you meet this challenge.

One of the keys to success in life is learning to embrace change.   Embrace this new ICD-10 challenge and realize that years from now you'll  likely look back and may not even be able to remember what ICD-9 was all about!  ICD-10 will become your "new normal". Without change there is no progress. Change is GOOD!