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Eye Tech Training's
   JCAHPO COA & COT Exam  Prep Courses

                                      Seriously.  Fun. 

"I recently took your COT course and just passed the written portion!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I took the exam a year ago and failed miserably - your course was a huge part of why I was able to  pass this time. I cannot thank you enough for your help in reaching my goals."
- JK  Pennsylvania

Your course was so helpful so that I knew what areas to focus on.  "Just wanted to let you know I passed the COA test yesterday!!!      So thank you for the study course and extra really made a difference!"
- KW Florida

" This was amazing. I have been to other reviews and this by far was the most beneficial and informative."

- JW Ohio

"Very informative and helpful to prepare me for the COA exam.  Awesome presentation!"
- BB  Pennsylvania

"It's great to know I have a pre-test contact to clarify/review material"

- BM  New York

"Sharon was very upbeat and knowlegable and made learning fun."
- PM  New York

"Thank you for your help!  I passed my COA test!" 
- V
R  Alabama

"This COA course is great - I learned so much!  I look forward to taking the COT class."
- JS Texas

"Very informative and lots of tips on how to be efficient. All ophthalmology groups should allow employees to go through this type of class to improve skills."
- YH  Oklahoma

"The instructor genuinely wants to help you learn and excel"
- AK  New York

"Thank you so much! The course was absolutely worth the travel to attend. I feel so much better that everything is organized and much easier to understand - thanks to you!"
- KFS Georgia

"You really know how to make learning fun and kept me interested the whole day!"
DR Indiana

"This course was worth spending my Saturday for. Thank you!"
- AH  Kentucky

"The COA class was so much better than I had expected. I'm really glad to have been part of this class."
- CD  Ohio

"I really enjoyed the class. It was one of the best I've attended."
- DB Georgia

"This course was worth every penny! I learned so much and now feel prepared to take my COT test."
- PWT Washington, D.C.

"Your course gave me the information and confidence I needed to pass my COT exam. I can't thank you enough!"
- CE North Carolina

 "Thank you - I learned things I had no idea about!  Now I feel ready to take my test."
- MR Virginia

"Wonderful instructor - I wish I could have her up until my exam! She made the course interesting."
- SB Florida

"I am feeling more positive about taking the test. You make it fun to learn."
- RW Florida

Course Instructor:
Sharon Alamalhodaei, COMT, OSC

  • Hands on Training in Refraction 
  • Hands on Training in Retinoscopy
  • COA & COT Exam Prep Courses
  • In-office Technician Training, Skills Assessment & Team Building
How are Eye Tech Training's Courses different from other courses?
  • They are structured to be fun and interesting; not a snoozefest!
  • This is a comprehensive eight or nine hour preparatory course in all of JCAHPO's NEW COA and COT written test content areas - not simply a "Review Course" which is typically a brief review of the material.
  • The COT course is approved for 9 JCAHPO category A credits.
  • Our exclusive One-On-One Course Instructor Access® is yours for one month! Contact her with your follow up questions via Skype, email or phone. This exclusive benefit is only available from Eye Tech Training and is included in your course fee!

Recommended Course Pre-Requesites:
 COA Course: Knowledge of basic ophthalmic anatomy, physiology and terminology and at least 8 months clinical work or completion of  the "Independent Study Course for OMP" (Available from AAO or JCAHPO) or equivalent self study.

COT Course
: COA certification and 2+ yrs experience or equivalent course work

The courses include instruction in the following areas:

  • History Taking
  • Pupillary Assessment & Workshop
  • Contact Lenses
  • Keratometry
  • Lensometry
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Medical Ethics, Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Tonometry
  • In Office Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Ophthalmic Patient Services & Education
  • Ophthalmic Imaging
  • Refractometry
  • Vision Assessment
  • Visual Fields & Workshop
  • Surgical Assisting in the OR
  • Ocular Motility & Workshop
  • Spectacle Skills
  • Photography (COT course only)
  • Retinoscopy (COT course only)

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Eye Tech Training
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